• From Pastor Aaron: The land lord who has hosted our Chisomo Drop in Centre faithfully for over six years is coming back to Zambia and has since given us notice to vacate the house in the next two months. Effectively we should vacate the premises by 5th July, 2015. Help me thank God for the couple for their kindness to us and the children of the street. They only increased the rentals once even when all around them were hiking their rental charges. In the same vein, help me pray for another hous... more »
  • Our drop-in center in Lusaka provides children with food, healthcare and hygiene, educational assistance, and most importantly, reintegration. We feel it is most important for a child to be connected to her/his family, and we work with families with the goal to reunite them with their child. We appreciate your support in this vital program. ... more »
  • At 11 years old, Mary has already experienced a lot in her life. Both of Mary’s parents have passed away and at that time her older, married sister was able to take in Mary’s younger sister but did not have room for Mary. Mary left home at 9 years old and began living and begging on the streets at a busy intersection in front of a local mall in Lusaka. She could often earn $5-8 dollars in a day and at the end of the day she would walk over 5 km to a market where she could buy prepared food t... more »
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