Chisomo Mission

The mission of Chisomo is to the street children of Zambia. These children are the forgotten or ignored,  victims of the global AIDS crisis, or just victims of systemic and crushing poverty. While a lot of people think that the street children make a conscious decision to live on the streets, in fact most of them are forced onto the streets and are trapped in a vicious cycle when they get there.

Chisomo strives to offer a safe haven for street children, a place where they can receive shelter, food, clothing, and counseling. Through it’s programs of tracing and reuniting, Chisomo works to reintegrate street children into their home communities and families, which is ultimately the best place for them.

Our Vision Statement:

To holistically reach and nurture hurting and lost people towards the healing of their relationship with God and Society.

Our Mission Statement:

Through holistic approach to Ministry, Full Proof Mission strives to provide society with opportunities to experience and respond to the Love of God.