Chunga Boarding School

Here are some of the Chisomo children who attend Chunga Boarding School

Chunga Boarding School is a government school with which Chisomo has partnered.

Chunga is located in the middle of Kafue National Park, and was originally set up as a school for the children of Park Rangers.

These boys have become great friends and roommates

Today Chunga offers boarding school facilities to children from Chisomo as well.

Children coming from Chisomo benefit from a more structured environment and a professional teaching staff, and many children excel academically.

Chunga offers the children a place where they can be children again, to interact with their peers in a safe environment and to fulfil their academic potential.

Most of the children coming to Chunga from Chisomo are sponsored for their tuition and room and board.

If you would like to sponsor a child to attend Chunga, please contact Chisomo directly.

Our contact information is here.