Get Involved

Mary at ChisomoChisomo welcomes your involvement. Here’s some ways of how to help us out:

1) Pray: We believe that God hears and answers the prayers. Pray for our mission and particularly that the love of God can be demonstrated to the street children who may never have heard of their Saviour.

2) Come to visit us: If you are in Lusaka for any reason, please come to visit us. Visits are encouraging to us, and often a great learning experience for the visitor. Please let us know when you are coming – it’s only the kids who can just drop in 🙂

3) Volunteer to serve with us for a period of days, weeks or months. We welcome volunteers with varied skills and experience, for example, medical skills, counseling, teaching, social work and cooking.

4) Support us financially. We encourage supporters to sponsor a child or to support specific programs directly. For more information on how you can support us, please contact us.