Future Plans

Come Home to the Farm!

An exciting new project for Chisomo Drop-In Center

Chisomo Expansion Model

Set on 25 Acres of country farmland just outside of Lusaka, the Chisomo Farm will provide a safe and structured environment for street children to live, learn and thrive.

What’s “the Farm” all about?

Once street children have decided that they don’t want to return to the street, they need a safe place to live, away from temptations and peer pressure. The Farm offers such a place, incorporating high quality education, skills training and a safe and nurturing environment far away from the streets,

The Farm’s residential programs are designed for children who have come off the street and want to stay off. The Farm is a place where children can start planning new life goals and living in community. The Farm programs center on education and vocational skills training, and continue to work eventually reuniting children with their parents or guardians is possible and appropriate. The Farm will also act as a “Half-Way House” for young adults who have returned from the national service program but do not want to return to the streets.

Is the Drop-In Center closing?

No! The Drop-In Center is still the main point of contact for the street children. The Outreach program will continue to be located in downtown Lusaka, close to the street children. Moving the residential programs to the Farm will allow the Outreach program to be more flexible and adaptable to the immediate needs of the street children.

What is the next step?

The Vision for the farm is well set, the Farm property has been identified and negotiations for purchase have begun. Planning for the building project is underway. We are excited about this project!

How long will this take?

We hope to start physical development of the Farm immediately on purchase, and be fully developed in two years.