MaryAt 11 years old, Mary has already experienced a lot in her life. Both of Mary’s parents have passed away and at that time her older, married sister was able to take in Mary’s younger sister but did not have room for Mary. Mary left home at 9 years old and began living and begging on the streets at a busy intersection in front of a local mall in Lusaka. She could often earn $5-8 dollars in a day and at the end of the day she would walk over 5 km to a market where she could buy prepared food to eat, usually her only meal of the day. She would return to the mall for night and sleep in the drainage tunnels with other homeless children. She heard of Chisomo from some other children and now she is very happy to be able to call Chisomo her home. She attends school at the drop-in centre and she is currently in Grade 5 and her favorite subject is English. She says she loves Chisomo because of the good food and because she has the opportunity to hear the word of God. When she grows up, she hopes to be a news reporter.

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