Memory“I will be a nurse” was the statement from the quiet 11 year old when asked what her hopes are for the future. Not long ago, this girl didn’t have any dreams beyond getting her next meal.

Memory lived with her grandmother in Kabwe after her mother had died. While living with her grandmother she was not allowed to go to school and her grandmother would beat her and lock her inside the house during the day and she did not get enough food. At night she and her siblings were forced to sleep on the floor rather than on the available beds. Memory describes her life there as a constant struggle.

One day she was told that they were going on a trip to visit some relatives and she was brought from Kabwe to Lusaka where her family abandoned her and left her to fend for herself on the streets. At only ten years old she was very scared and she spent the first night in a police station. While walking in town the next day, a woman stopped and talked to Memory and then took her to Chisomo drop-in centre.

Memory was spared from having to live on the streets and she is really enjoying staying at Chisomo. She is currently studying in Grade 4. She has very few memories of her mother but she remembers her as a beautiful, tall, slender lady with a dark complexion and she remembers that her mother said that nurses are good people so Memory has set herself a goal for when she grows up.

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